Rugby Challenge 3 Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Rugby Challenge 3 may not be the top priority of most gamers but we’re sure that there are a few who will be interested in this one. If you’re not a fan of sports and detest the physical aspects of life, er, just go back to the homepage and see if there’s anything else for you.

For all six rugby nuts in the house we’ve got a little treat: a new gameplay trailer for Rugby Challenge 3 on PS4. The trailer shows some men in shorts and t-shirts kicking an egg-shaped ball, throwing an egg-shaped ball, and diving on to the ground with an egg-shaped ball. They even score a goal between the massive goalposts, which we can only assume means giants are somehow involved. Yeah, we’re not really clued up on the old rugby… More about the football (soccer) here at Pure PlayStation.

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The trailer is below for your convenience. Rugby Challenge 3 releases on April 22nd for PS4 and PS3.

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