Rule An Entire Planet In Boundless

Ever since developers saw that people go absolutely insane about making their own worlds in Minecraft, we have started to see more creative games with a lot of player freedom. Boundless appears to be the next logical step in that direction. Calling itself an “epic sandbox”, this game allows you to have your own land rush, settle that ground, and begin to build a cooperative society.

All the players in the game are in one universe, even if they are on different worlds in that universe. If you want to see another world, you only have to look up into the sky, and it will be visible or resemble a faraway star. You can easily travel between these worlds by building a portal, and you can start a guild with a friends to build a city and rule that world.

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Everything is driven by players in the game. Every shop is run by players. The equipment is crafted by players. Big parts of the universe could be ruled by industrious players, and the game promises to let everyone pick their own path and progression.

We know what you are thinking, and, yes, we have heard similar song and dance routines in the past. We are still cautiously optimistic, and we are excited to know more. Is your heart still open to this type of game, or have you been disappointed too many times?

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