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Rumor: Another Deus Ex Game Already in Development

We know nearly every game ever created takes years to make. Right now there could be plenty of titles in development but we just don’t know one hundred percent or how far they are in the creation process. However, according to a reliable and anonymous source to Jim Sterling, the sequel to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is already in the works and has been since mid-2015. It is going by the codename DXNG2 or Deus Ex Next Gen 2. You can see and hear for yourself in the video below at the 4:59 mark. The video should automatically start for you at that time but we know how finicky coding can be.

Jim Sterling is a video game journalist, critic, and Youtuber who’s been associated with the gaming industry for awhile now. Within the context of the video, Jim Sterling was doing a piece on how he thought Square Enix messed up Mankind Divided with DLC and the multiplayer, Breach mode. His source also mentioned that the DLC such as buyable level ups and in-game money were a last second add-on. The train of thought eventually makes its way to the anonymous source saying Deus Ex Mankind Divided was shortened so that a trilogy of next-gen, Deus Ex games could definitely be created. At that point (4:59 mark in the video) it was revealed about DXNG and DXNG2.

As respectable and seasoned as Jim Sterling is, the source has only talked to him and we can’t confirm ourselves if the next Deus Ex title is already in development. However, we’ve contacted Square Enix for a comment and will keep you updated when we know more. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel is already being made. A lot of the time a new game is worked on almost immediately after a developer releases one. From a brainstorming point of view at least. What do you think about this rumor? Let us know in the comments below!

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