RUMOR: New Leak Claims to Have the PS5 and Xbox Series X Specs

Another day, another rumor I hear you saying, but admit it – you love the drama too. At the risk of being Captain Obvious, this is a rumor. The leaker posted on 4chan, and Tom’s Guide, where I pulled the story, tells me that’s not the most reliable place for info. However, this same leaker did nail the new PlayStation tagline in advance, so maybe there’s some nugget of truth here? Who cares, let’s get to the details.

In a handy table (below), the alleged specs for the PS5 and Xbox Series X are laid bare, and it’s time to get out the ruler for some console-based, e-penis measuring. In the Tflops race, it looks like the PS5 is the winner. We’ve gone back and forth with both of them being more powerful than the other according to “insiders” and from other leaks, so read on for entertainment value only.

The rest of the parts are similar to what we already know with a few more details thrown into the mix. The CPU is an AMD ZEN 2, and that’s been confirmed. Xbox does have a little faster speed here, but, as Forbes questions, will that make a real difference in actual use? The PS5 will have 2GB more GDDR6 RAM, and even with my limited technical knowledge, more RAM is good. (That’s the kind of top-notch tech journalism and advice you can expect from me.)

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If you want something bad, look at the size of the hard drive. 500GB is not enough for today, and we have Final Fantasy VII taking 100GB on two discs. That’s not even the full game. Tomorrow’s games will take even more space. Based on a quick Google search, the sunny side is that the drive will be speedier than your average SSD. It’s an advantage Sony has described as a cornerstone of its next-generation plan.

Walking through the rest, the 3D audio and ray-tracing are also features included in the PS5, and that’s no surprise. The Xbox doesn’t appear to have any 3D audio cores, but maybe they have another solution. I also wonder if the table is saying that the PS5 will have more ray-tracing cores. Finally, bandwidth is 20GB/s more on the Xbox Series X.

Does this win the console war, before it begins? Nope. It’s just another leak with suspect information while we wait for Sony to do an official unveiling. Until then, rumors and speculation will rule the day, and I can’t wait to bring you more.

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