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RUMOR: PS5 Event Coming Next Week

According to Jeff Grubb at Venture Beat and Jason Schreier at Forbes, we could see real PS5 games running on real PS5 hardware on June 3rd. That’s the date hitting the internet hard today. It’s not impossible considering the rumors of a Sony event in June have only continued to grow. It’s also likely, since we have to see true PS5 news here soon if Sony intends to build up the momentum for a new console hype train.

We are warned about two things. First, the date is still not set in stone. With everything going on, it could be pushed to another day. It’s also not dependent on large groups of people attending a presentation, so that does give them some flexibility. The other thing to keep in mind is that Sony won’t be showing us everything. There is still time for them to reveal more games and plans for next-gen at a later date. Mainly, we don’t know if the PS5 will be the first to pull off the price bandage.

Eventually one of these rumors are going to be true. Since I am in the games media (see how easy that was?), I will also speculate, even though I do so without any actual sources or credibility. We’ll see something from Sony in June. I do believe we’ll see some real gameplay footage. I also think we’ll see more trailers and announcements to get us excited for the new generation and less solid gameplay. I think we’ll see a retail unit too, and Sony will be showcasing the power of its custom SSD as often as possible. If I had to speculate on a new game reveal, I would guess Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

You can be a member of the gaming media too. Put your guesses in the comments, and we can compare them to what really happens next month.

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