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Rumor: Sucker Punch’s Possible Next Game Is a New IP and Going by the Codename GNOMAGEDDON

You really have to hand it to Reddit this week. First, a potential leak in the form of a new Batman: Arkham title and now a user by the name of pacyhero has scrounged up some details that leads some to believe it points to Sucker Punch’s latest offering. If the evidence itself is to be believed, the inFAMOUS creators are working on a new IP that takes place in a western open world. It’s possibly going by the name GNOMAGEDDON and some possible concept art can be found below.

Now for the kicker. Those screenshots were created by Ioan Dumitrescu two years ago for an undisclosed Sony project. Just so happens that two years ago Sony also filed a trademark for the name GNOMAGEDDON. You can view the filing here. Then pacyhero tracked down the LinkedIn page of a Dutch writer who worked at Sucker Punch for ten months in 2015 as a Narrative Designer. The description details creating story content and believable characters for an open world game.

It’s no concrete proof that the art and trademark are associated with Sucker Punch, but the connections are definitely there. Furthermore, if the western concept art seems familiar you’re not alone. These were originally released awhile ago and many thought that they were tied to Sony Bend’s Days Gone, which at the time was without an official title. Time will tell if this is the appropriate conclusion this time around.

Do you believe the storied Sony developer is working on a western based title? Do you have your own guess as to what and where the concept art really belongs to? Let us know!


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