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Rumor: The PS5 and PS5 Pro Will Launch Simultaneously

I have no doubt a PS5 Pro is coming sometime in the future, but the latest rumor is that it may happen a lot sooner than you think. According to the Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa (source: WinFuture), the word on the street is that there will be two versions of the PS5 at launch. The base model will still have an SSD that will kill off those long load times and be sure to make your games shiny and new. The PS5 Pro model could run you another $100 – $150 and make those same games shinier or better in some yet unknown way.

That’s really the thing with this rumor. So far, we know a lot about the basic hardware of the PS5. It will be using Ryzen hardware from AMD, have ray tracing capabilities of some kind, and generally be much more powerful than anything we’ve seen so far. (Yeah, yeah, PC gamers. I know you’re living console’s future now.) We don’t really know technical specs for the PS5, so it’s hard to know what that extra dough will give us.

It’s also tough to know if this will be a good strategy for Sony. Microsoft was rumored to be making two consoles, but it might split your games and gamers into multiple tiers like the PS4 and PS4 Pro have. Will will be stuck at 30 FPS or a completely unstable framerate unless we buy into the “true” tier of the PS5 Pro. If the benefits are not great enough, will anyone buy it? If they are too great, you fracture your base into never receiving the same experience as they see at a friend’s house.

This is all still just rumor. Speaking of rumors, we are supposed to have a hardware reveal in February 2020. It would make sense. I’m personally hoping they stick with the leaked hardware design that was confirmed by a dev not long ago. It reminds me a V8 engine in a muscle car, and I hoping the next gen brings plenty of power.

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