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Rumor: The PS5 May Only Have 664GB of Usable Hard Drive Space

Over on Reddit, there are some very suspicious pictures that show the PS5’s usable space after boot is only 664GB. The Russian images show 3.3GB of 664GB has been used. The pictures are ugly, low quality, and you should be pushing “X” to doubt so hard that you’ve likely shattered the keyboard. I’ll put the images at the bottom, because rumors are fun. Also, Sony really hasn’t shown us much, so one of these rumors is going to be correct eventually.

What we do know is that the hard drive is going to be 825GB. In the GDC presentation released earlier this year, Mark Cerny spilled the beans on the size. If some of that space is reserved for the OS, we already know the final count is less than 825. The only question is how much lower.

With PS4 games increasingly over 50GB, it won’t take long to fill up the PS5. Whatever it is might barely be able to contain Call of Duty in two years. As we wait for some official word, we’ll keep checking the rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism.


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