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Rumors That Battleborn is Going F2P Are False According to Gearbox CEO

Battleborn isn’t a bad game. It just got released around the same time as Overwatch and Paragon for those that don’t know. As such there wasn’t much hope for the Gearbox title to be a commercial success. Battleborn’s underwhelming performance is a sure bet for the rumors about it going free-to-play. This was especially thrust into the limelight today after a Kotaku piece. According to them, an anonymous source said that Battleborn will be going F2P and has even tried already before a few times. Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, was none too pleased about the story and clarified that the report was false. Additionally, he called it reckless.

He did however, confirm that there will be free trial plans for Battleborn sometime in the future. These won’t be anytime soon though as for Gearbox to focus on DLC and continued support.

Mr. Pitchford seems honest in his response and even dished out some unannounced information in the rumor’s place. Still it’s always possible that he’s denying it just as it’s possible that Kotaku jumped the gun. What do you think of this whole mess? Would you download Battleborn if it did go free-to-play? Let us know in the comments section below!

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