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Rumour: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Trailer and More Coming This Week

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming, that much we know. Other details around the remaster/remake (we don’t even know what to classify the thing as!) have been scarce, but that could be changing as soon as tomorrow.

GameInformer’s Liana Rupert has said on Twitter that the outlet will have some exclusive goodies that nobody will want to miss. Alone, that tweet isn’t very exciting. But, it was retweeted by noted industry “inside” Shinobi602. Again, nothing special. But…

Shinobi602 recently posted in the “think like us or get cancelled” webhole hate site ResetEra*, that the trilogy has had a lot of work put into it, and that fans wanting to see more “can wait one more weekend”.

Well, the weekend has been and gone, so all that’s left to do is sit and wait for GameInformer to publish whatever they’ve been gifted by EA.

According to EA, the trilogy isn’t really a remake or a remaster, but more of a “modernisation” to keep the original games intact, but update them for modern players. This includes updated textures, shaders, effects, and even gameplay features while staying true to the games that many players cherish.

*We do not link to hate sites.

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