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Rumour: New Batman Game Leaked via Image, Coming to PS4 and PS5

The PS5 event is happening later on today, and we’re expecting to see a lot of stuff, primarily games. One such game that has been rumoured for the longest time is a new Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal. There have been hints and teases for months, but today we may actually see the new Batman game at the PS5 event.

An image has been posted to Reddit, supposedly captured from the trailer that will be shown during today’s PS5 event. It doesn’t show anything gameplay related, unfortunately. Instead, the image shows the caption “Capture the Knight” along with the iconic Batman symbol. Interestingly, a section of the image has been blurred out, presumably the game’s title, or perhaps even the release date for the new Batman game. You can see the image down below.

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So, what do we think? Is this an authentic leak, or another crafty hoax by an internet prankster? I’m leaning towards it being real. The image is from a PC, off-screen, showing something being played on a media player of sorts. There are realistic-looking logos and copyright notices, and in general, it just feels right. You know what I mean. It just feels right, man.

Then again, it could be a hoax and we could all be left sobbing as Batman fails to show up at yet another event. Fingers crossed then, right?

Source: Reddit

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