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Rumour: Platinum Games to Announce Kickstarter for PS4 Port of WiiU Exclusive Game

Strange times these, aren’t they? If it’s not rumours of PS4 exclusives heading to PC or Sony hinting that Remote Play to Nintendo Switch is possible, it’s something else, right? The latest odd rumour is that Platinum Games will be bringing the WiiU exclusive The Wonderful 101 to PS4. Odd, right?

The rumour has a little more credence to it than most. The rumour goes that Platinum Games will launch a Kickstarter today to raise funds for a PS4 and PS Vita port of the well-received WiiU exclusive. That in itself is a little shaky, but it has been discovered that Platinum Games does actually have a Kickstarter account that, at the time of writing, is set to private.

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According to GameXplain and self-styled “video game historian” Liam Robertson, Platinum Games will announce the Kickstarter project at some point today. How much the developer will ask for isn’t know, but if all goes to plan and the rumours are true, we’ll know soon enough.

Source: GameXplain

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