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Rumour: Rainbow Six Siege and The Evil Within to Join PS Now in May

May 2020’s PS Now games have yet to be announced, but they’re coming and Sony will surely make an announcement soon. Even so, it may be that the surprise has already been spoilt thanks to Sony’s very own PS Now store listings.

Over on the PlayStation Store, both Rainbow Six Siege and The Evil Within both have “Play on PS Now” buttons, though they don’t yet function. A similar thing happened last month when Sony’s Spider-Man and Just Cause 4 were rumoured to be available on PS Now, and they eventually were. So, if you’re planning on buying either of these games, perhaps wait a couple of days to see if they do end up on the service and save yourself a few pennies. It’s also worth noting that there could be other games joining the PS Now library in May, but I’ve not come across these, nor have my colleagues. We’ll keep scouring the store, though, just in case.

Rainbow Six Siege is a great get for PS Now, providing you’re into online competitive shooters. Siege has been going for a few years now, and instead of developing a sequel, Ubisoft has built upon the foundations, turning what was once a slightly disappointing downgrade of a game into one of the most played games of the generation. I’ve played a little bit of Siege but not enough to form a full opinion, but I’d say that if it does enter PS Now and you’ve got a subscription, it can’t hurt to try it out. My advice, though, would be to get a few mates to join you online.

The Evil Within on the other hand is a full-on single-player experience, and it’s a horror game, too. This is one I have played to completion and if you’re a fan of claustrophobic horror games, The Evil Within will make a fine addition.

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