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Rumour: Saints Row: The Third Remaster Possibly Leaked By Retailer, May 7th Release Date

Retailer listings aren’t always accurate – here’s looking at you, Walmart and that Splinter Cell game that never was – but sometimes they give us a clue as to what’s coming in the near future.

The latest leak comes via GameFly which has listed Saints Row: The Third – Remastered for PS4 and Xbox One, along with a release date of May 7th, 2020. There’s no cover art and no description on the store page, just a placeholder image and a release date that may or may not be accurate.

It’s never easy to tell apart the accurate listings from the bogus entries, so bear in mind that this could be completely and utterly false. On the other hand, it’s a weird thing to make up, and given that Saints Row: The Third recently got a Nintendo Switch release, it’s not completely out of the question to imagine that Deep Silver would want to cash-in on the game again on PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment, only Saints Row 4 is available on PS4 and Xbox One, though Saints Row: The Third is available via backwards compatibility on Xbox One.

Source: Twitter ResetEra

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