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Rumour: Sony Working on Spiderman PS4 Game

Another day, another rumour. Thankfully we’re not reporting on another big game’s delay but instead writing about a possible new game being made by Sony and one of its first party developers.

Nerdleaks, the site that leaked all that God of War 4 stuff a little while back, has come back into the fray with a new rumour: Sony is making its own Spiderman game for PS4, despite Activision being the publisher and rights holder since forever.

“It’s been too long since last leak. Here’s one.┬áSony is working at “Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project”. Trailer incoming (E3 2016?),” read the tweet that can no longer be accessed. [Update: the tweet does work, sorry!]

We feel compelled to stress that this isn’t anything close to official but we have to consider the facts: Nerdleaks is a bloody good source for leaking video game stuff, so it’s worth perking our ears up at this one.

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[Update: An online resume from a Mr Stephen Oyoung has thrown further fuel on the flames of this rumour. His online portfolio mentioned an “unannounced Spiderman PS4 game” being done by Sony, though the profile has since been edited so as to remove the reference to Spiderman. Interesting…]

[Update #2: The resume page has now been set to private. Oops. Looks like he didn’t want anyone seeing this…]

[Update #3: The guy in question was doing facial scans some 40 weeks ago. Rumour is looking more and more likely now.]

[Update #4: And now he’s removed the Instagram image of him working with Sony. He’s as good as confirming this rumour.]


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