Rumour: Tekken 7 May Be Another PS4 Exclusive [Updated]

Gamespot has a bit of a habit for breaking news that it shouldn’t. Not long ago it leaked the release date for Final Fantasy XV, and now the publication may have leaked a potential PS4 exclusive.

The site ran an article in which it claimed that Bandai Namco had confirmed to it that Tekken 7 was coming to the PS4 as an exclusive game, meaning that you won’t be playing it on Xbox One, Wii U, or Sega Dreamcast. It’s possible that Bandai Namco will keep Tekken 7 a PS4 exclusive in Japan where the PS4 is the dominant console, but it’d be a bit of a bad business move to deny the millions of Xbox One players the chance. Hey, we love our exclusive here at Pure PlayStation, but we draw the line when it comes to third-party stuff.

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We’re not sure how reliable the information is but going on the fact that Gamespot has since taken down the article instead of just giving it a quick edit makes us think that someone made a doody and released information that wasn’t ready for public consumption just yet. Whoops.

[Update: One of Tekken 7’s designers has stepped into the discussion on Twitter by saying that Gamespot should have said “it has only been confirmed for PS4 at this time.” Take that as you will.] [Update #2: A producer at Namco Bandai has stated on Twitter that the article by Gamespot has been removed because of “inaccuracies” which makes us think that maybe Gamespot just got a bit too excited and made a silly mistake.]

Thanks for the tip, ItsJustEmman.

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