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Rumour: Watch Dogs 3 Coming This Year, Set in London

There’s a rumour going around that Ubisoft will release Watch Dogs 3 later this year and that it will be set in London. This isn’t a completely new rumour as we’ve already heard reports that Ubisoft is set to release a follow-up to Watch Dogs 2 this year and that it could be set in London. However, there’s been very little leaked and at this point it’s worth looking at just about any leak, though with the usual dosage of salt.

The leak comes by way of a poster on 4Chan. It’s not the most reliable source for leaks but there have been some in the past, so I reckon it’s worth having a look at what this leak is saying.

Apparently the game will release in late 2019 for current-gen consoles and PC. The 4Chan poster also claims to know that the game will be set in the capital city of London and that gameplay will be more focused on hacking rather than big gunfights. Apparently the game will focus more on smaller firearms and knives. This sounds about right for London, unfortunately. The poster also claims that Watch Dogs 3 will feature a brand new character and that players will be able to choose the gender, though they’ll have the same story.

It all sounds very vague but it does seem to be on-brand for a Ubisoft game. I’ve heard myself that Watch Dogs 3 will be this year’s big holiday release for Ubisoft, but I’ve not yet heard any concrete information around the game’s location, story or characters.

With E3 just a few short months away, it’s possible that Ubisoft may try to control the flow of information be officially announcing Watch Dogs 3 in the near future or, at the very least, just before E3 2019.

Source: 4Chan, via ResetEra

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