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Rumour: Watch Dogs Legion Will Launch Alongside the PS5

Watch Dogs Legion was always going to be a cross-generation game. That we have known for a while now. But the folks over at the Video Games Chronicle have today made the suggestion that it will also be a PlayStation 5 launch title, which obviously makes it vulnerable in today’s clime. If that’s true, however, other Ubisoft games may be skipping the console’s debut altogether – going against what everyone had previously thought was concrete. And rewriting the launch party we were all geared up for. Because what do we know, right? 

In the time since this news dropped, many have taken to online message boards to question what this means for the Assassin’s Creed series. Specifically, will that franchise skip a year? Or launch first on the Playstation 4 and eventually come out on the next generation console at a later date? Seeing as it’s such an important income stream for the company, nobody really expects them to go two years without an entry. But this news certainly suggests we’ll be waiting a number of months for it to launch on the PlayStation 5.

The other game people are worried about is Gods & Monsters. But then again, this uncertainty extends to all games under the Ubisoft umbrella. So all we can say is, if they really have picked Watch Dogs Legion as their game of choice for the console’s launch and don’t want to pit themselves against, well, themselves, we won’t be seeing any of their other games on the PlayStation 5 for a number of months post-launch. But maybe that’s a tactical thing and the hacker adventure series is the one they’ve finished first, meaning all of the others will be all the better for it.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but what else do we have at this moment in time?

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