Rust Will Offer 100 Players Cutthroat Multiplayer Next Year

The PlayStation 4 will be gaining another multiplayer, survival game from the PC next year. Announced today, Rust will give players a rock and a torch and set them free in a strange world with little chance of living. Clever and determined gamers will need to find new blueprints for everything from clothes to weapons to have any hope of seeing another day. The world is full of dangers like starving to death, radiation, and good old-fashioned fire.

The thing that sets Rust apart from the typical survival game is your interactions with other players. Conflict is inevitable, and just like your normal life, they may kill you to get your stuff. Trust is earned. Betrayal is a given. If you can manage to find others who will work together, you might just have a chance to go from surviving to thriving.

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The interesting part about this announcement is that 100 people will be able to play together in the same world at the same time. That’s a huge amount of building, foraging, and backstabbing. Or front stabbing I guess. I’m not technical in any sense, but I hope those servers are ready on day one to handle that kind of traffic. If it were me, I’d try to create a gang modeled after the Mauraders from The Road Warrior, but I look pretty good in metal underwear and leather. It’s not for everyone, I know.

Check out the trailer for a feel of the gameplay, but just understand that it’s footage captured from the PC. Until we receive some PS4 gameplay, take it with a grain of salt, and keep an eye here for more news on this one next year.

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