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Sabotage Will Be the First DLC Pack For Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

There are three things that are sure in life: death, taxes, and DLC for Call of Duty. With that in mind, Infinity Ward announced that the first DLC pack named Sabotage would be available for download on January 31st. Let’s rip open this late Christmas present, and see what’s inside.

Sabotage will contain four new multiplayer maps, and they actually look pretty interesting. The first map is named Noir, and it is set in a futuristic Brooklyn. It seems to have a warm and fuzzy Blade Runner influence. The next map is named Neon, and it is a VR training simulator for urban combat. When you finally put down the nine year old who has been screaming racial obscenities, he will derez like Tron.

The third map is called Renaissance, and it is set in Venice. Along with architecture, romance, and long-range headshots, it seems like a very picturesque place for a death match. The final new multiplayer level is Dominion, and it is a revamp of the level Afghan from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The level is now set on Mars, and will be updated with the new movement.

The final addition in the DLC will be a new zombie level named Rave In The Wildwoods. Set in the 90s, your characters will be pulled into a new movie about a teen rave in the woods. Jinkies! Things seem pretty normal (for a horror movie, set in a teenage rave, set in a summer camp, set in the 90s), and then someone turns on all the blacklights. We are not sure how that much neon paint was hauled to the woods, but good job little ravers.

Since the PS4 is COD’s new home, this map pack will be coming to the PS4 first. For those of you still on the fence, check out the preview video, and let us know if you will be picking up Sabotage.



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