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Safety Cars Are a Rare Occurrence in F1 2019 Bug

F1 2019 is a very pretty game. All of Codemasters’ hard work is evident, resulting in the most immersive title of the series. However, there is one asset in particular that is negatively affecting this realism. And it is something that most of the community has noticed, if Reddit’s chat boards are anything to go by.

The safety car (including the virtual safety car) is the offending item by refusing to take part in the grand prixs. I’m well aware they don’t always make an appearance, or they tend to turn up more at certain tracks than others. But we’re not talking part time driving here – we’re talking not seen, at all, even after two seasons!

You have to agree, that isn’t normal. Especially with Monaco and Baku on the calendar. So, what’s up with it?

Well, it’s not something Codemasters are voicing an opinion on. Although, when you look at how many people are experiencing this nuisance, it’s hard to think they wouldn’t be working on a fix. That’s assuming it is a bug – after all, the races might as well be procedurally generated when you consider how random and unscripted they are.

But, then again, it can’t be anything other than a bug because actual full blown accidents are being ignored. Undrivable cars are being left in the middle of the track. And collision casualties are vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile the safety car remains bedded in its parking space at the end of the pitlane, waiting for an incident worthy of its presence. Maybe that will come in season 3…

Have you worked out what it takes to get a safety car, real or virtual, in F1 2019? Let us know how much carbon fibre had to be shed for this rare beast to make an appearance. And don’t just say, an endplate. 

Source: RedditReddit

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