Sail to the End of the World With Far: Lone Sails Coming this Year

If you like sailing and the end of the world, then do we have some news for you. Far: Lone Sails, the debut title from Swiss studio Okomotive is preparing to aweigh anchor for the PS4 later this year. You’ll find no zombies in this apocalyptic setting. Instead, the developers opted for a serene and desolate backdrop. It’s just you, your strange ship, and the dead but strangely beautiful landscape.

Instead of headshotting┬áthe walking dead, your focus will be on solving environmental puzzles and vehicle maintenance. According to the press release, you’ll experience “passages of sailing along peacefully” mixed with “more demanding situations that call for quick wits and thoughtful management of resources. In the end, the game may leave you contemplative or eager to head into the unknown yourself.

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Sounds like some heady stuff. Far: Lone Sails has already won GDC’s Best in Play 2017, so check out the trailer above to get an idea of what this game is all about. The exact release date for the PS4 is still to be determined.

We here at Pure PlayStation enjoy the occasional brooding and moody tale, but what say you? Is this just the kind of melancholy you were looking for, or is it a bit too artsy for your taste? Sound off in the comments below.



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