Saints Row The Third PS5 Update Unavailable as Dumb Delivery Fails Again

For what feels like the dozenth time since the PS5 has released, we’ve got another article about the PS5 not allowing players to get their free next-gen updates.

Saints Row The Third: Remastered has a next-gen update out today on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. If you’re an Xbox Series X|S player, it’s as simple and painless as turning on your console after the game auto-updates while you sleep, and then having the nice new version ready to play in the morning. If you’re on PS5, it’s another story entirely, but it’s not a new one. It’s the same old, same old by this point.

If you’re trying to download the next-gen version of Saints Row The Third: Remastered, you’ll probably find that on the PlayStation Store you’ll have the option to ‘Learn More’ rather than download the game. Clicking the ‘Learn More’ button informs players that because they already own the PS4 version of Saints Row The Third Remastered, it causes a conflict and they can’t have the lovely new version. Ridiculous. And this is despite the game getting a heavy 14GB update today with patch 1.10, which added support for cross-gen multiplayer.

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So what are we to do? I’m in that boat, too. All that anybody can do is sit, wait, stand, wait, hop on the spot, and wait a little more. Just don’t wait for Sony to fix what is an obvious flaw in its system. Life’s too short and there’s a lottery you could play instead.

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