Saints Row V Will Be Revealed In 2020 and It’s Going To Be Great

The CEO of Koch Media has announced we can expect a Saints Row V reveal next year – some seven years since the last full release. But it’s unclear at this time whether the next installment will be a next-generation exclusive.

It’s fair to say that the series isn’t too demanding on hardware, at least until now, so cross-generation support shouldn’t be an impossibility. However, the lure of the PlayStation 5 and all of its capabilities could easily tempt studios to be more ambitious in their plans. And that could harm the PlayStation 4 as it nears the end of its shelf life.

Klemens Kundratitz also informed GamesIndustry that the disappointing Agents of Mayhem wouldn’t affect the next Saints Row game – even though the two are crafted by the same team. In fact, the two games, although similar, do not influence Volition when they’re busy with the task at hand. Like true professionals, they only want to do the Saints Row series justice.

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He said:

“Saints Row is Saints Row. The two games are similar, for sure, but they’re also completely different. With Volition, we have the creators of all the Saints Row games as an internal studio and they’re not going to be distracted by anything else from creating our next game under this important franchise.”


“Saints Row is very close to our hearts, and we’ll talk about it next year. For the time being, we just wanted to get the word out that it’s coming and it’s going to be great.”

This news comes after we found out over the summer that another game was in development. I just hope the next update on its progress is published as timely as this one – the realist in me thinks E3 will be the next target for Saints Row V, though. If that’s even what it’s called!

Source: GamesIndustry

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