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Save Your Village From Death in Dream Alone

(Seinfeld voice) What is it with these kids and creepy forests in video games? 

We are not sure, but they seem to get us to open our wallets. Dream Alone is joining the team of dark forests and kids, and it’s coming to the PS4 later this year. The developers are quick to point out this is not Limbo. It’s dark, the puzzles are hard, and you can expect some death.

The hero of this story, Irra, is literally seeking death. After an illness causes the people in his village to go into comas, he seeks out Lady Death to reverse the curse. He wants to save the village and his family. It’s not all noble intentions. He is starting to have the disease too.

Forests are not the only locations. There is a cemetery, a battlefield, and even a ghost town. All of the visuals are dark, but the art has an almost Victorian gothic/steampunk look to it. (Is that even a thing?) The only consistent color we have seen so far is the spray of blood when you die.

If dark 2D platformers with big-eyed kids and plenty of creepy is your game (now, that’s a genre!), check out the trailers for Dream Alone and look for it later this year.

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