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Say Goodbye to Overwatch’s Competitive Character Stacking (Hopefully)

The big Overwatch news just keeps rolling in. First, we received news of a brand new character and now a big composition change. Currently, there is a patch in development being publicly tested by Blizzard. In the patch notes are a host of coming changes regarding very minor hero balancing and gameplay fix-ups. The bigger fixer upper has to be “competitive play matches can now only have on of each hero per team.”

That’s right! No more three Torbjorn’s annihilating every move you make, good riddance to the whole team being McCree, and any other annoying stacking combination in competitive play. Game director, Jeff Kaplan, explained the reason why Blizzard is experimenting with the idea. He lamented that the team wanted to give players the freedom to choose any hero, regardless of how many were already chosen, but that hero stacking was becoming detrimental and frustrating users.

In Quick Play, where things are intended to be more relaxed, this is fine. But in Competitive Play, we feel that hero stacking is becoming detrimental and leading to some not-so-great player experiences. For example, we’ve seen organized teams on Assault and Hybrid maps use hero stacking to overtake the first point before the defense has a chance to counter. We’ve also seen players use specific stacked compositions just to frustrate their opponents or cause indefinite delays in overtime (among other strategies). While this kind of thing is certainly possible in any mode, the higher stakes of Competitive Play means these kinds of tactics were popping up more often than anyone would like.”

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the community’s feedback. Good job gamers! At the moment the patch isn’t official and still being tested. If it addresses the problems to Blizzard’s satisfaction, expect a PS4 patch to roll out once testing is complete. Any else excited about the competitive play change? Do you have your own horror story about people stacking characters? Let us know!

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