Scarlet Nexus Theme Song Released in a Music Video from The Oral Cigarettes

Scarlet Nexus is looking like a stylish sci-fi, action RPG, and it’s coming to the PS4 and PS5 despite the Xbox branding on this latest trailer. That trailer is the announcement of the theme song “Dream in Drive” from the band The Oral Cigarettes. This starts me wondering about how the band used cigarettes before and why they needed to specify, but the trailer doesn’t address that.

It does have the band rocking out interspersed between footage from Scarlet Nexus. It’s a decently even split between both, but (I could be wrong) it looks like there are some monsters and gameplay that haven’t been shown in other trailers. The designs are cool, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. If you want to download the song, it’s from the album “SUCK MY WORLD” released in April of this year.

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We don’t know when Scarlet Nexus will release, but we may find out this weekend during Tokyo Game Show. So many games are “coming soon” that we’ll have to know the release dates equally soon.

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