Sci-Fi Horror FPS Dead Effect 2 Gets Updated Release Date

Dead Effect 2 started out as a promising free to play mobile game and was even suppose to launch on consoles alongside Steam last year. Sadly, the summer months came and went with no word from developer BadFly Interactrive on the PS4 version. Today, via press release, the team finally announced the release date of the sequel with PlayStation 4 owners able to get their hands on it either January 17th or 18th, depending on what continent you’re own.

The series puts you on the ESS Meridian spacecraft that has been overrun with undead hordes.┬áDead Effect 2 picks up right where the first game left off and there’s something even more dangerous in the ship that is trying to enslave your mind and bend you to its will. You’ll fight back by upgrading your three playable characters through gear and body implants and by collecting and improving your weaponry. There’s also something about taking back control of the craft before your strength runs out but you need to get past all the zombies first.

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Dead Effect 2 is created by BadFly Interactive and originally released for iOS and Android devices back in 2015. A PC version followed shortly after on May 6th, 2016. It’s received above average reviews with critics citing a good story and graphical capability, but had a tough time making the transition to Steam. Are you excited to shoot zombies in space in just a few short days? Let us know in the comments below!

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