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Sci-fi Horror Title The Persistence, Coming to PSVR

Do you occasionally enjoy squealing in terror when playing video games? Do you die a lot when you play said scary games? If the answer to both of those questions is yes (and we know it is), then Liverpool-based developer FireSprite may have just the game for you. It’s called The Persistence, and it’s a first-person horror game coming soon to the PlayStation VR.

You’ll find yourself onboard The Persistence, a research vessel that suffers a catastrophic failure while studying a collapsing star. The ship’s “smart” computer attempts to reanimate the doomed crew, but instead transforms them into blood-thirsty mutants. You play as a crew member just waking from cryosleep, and your job will be to attempt getting the engines back online while stealthily avoiding your zombified former colleagues and navigating the giant ship back home despite a sucking black hole with your name on it.

That setup is fairly interesting, if not entirely unique, but what happens next is what sets The Persistence apart. The ship itself is procedurally generated. Meaning, each time you die, you’ll respawn (or awaken) as a new character, and the ships layout will be completely different. But fear not, fellow VR degenerates, dying in this game in not only inevitable, it’s a crucial part of the story. During play, you collect stem cells that will aid your character after death, providing you the strength you’ll need to eventually survive in this insane techno-horror experience.

There is no firm release date for The Persistence as of yet, but it sounds like a title worth keeping an eye on.

Are you looking forward to this crazy VR shooter, or is it just us? Let us know in the comments below!

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