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Sci-Fi Parkour Game Super Cloudbuilt Comes to PS4

Sci-Fi? Free running? Surely they must be talking about Mirror’s Edge, right? Wrong! Faith is getting some competition on PS4 this summer as developer Coilworks and publisher/developer Double Eleven are bringing their game, Super Cloudbuilt, jumping, flipping, and wall-running our way. Check out the announcement trailer and its stylised anime gameplay above, then read on for all we know so far.

Back in 2014, Coilworks and Rising Star Games brought their innovative sci-fi parkour game Cloudbuilt to PC via Steam. However, despite a very positive critical response and further DLC updates to the game, they weren’t content to just leave it there. The team decided to go back and fully remaster the game from the core mechanics up. The result is Super Cloudbuilt, what the joint developers call the definitive version of their game, and how it will come to PlayStation 4 courtesy of Double Eleven. As well as being more accessible to new players, they tell us the game now has more depth and variety for experienced players too. That, plus upgraded visuals and all the DLC from the original game included, means there’s plenty of reason to keep an eye out for this release whether you picked up the original Cloudbuilt or not.

There are more than just free running and speed based challenges to Super Cloudbuilt. The game’s story puts you in the role of Demi, a young soldier who wakes up in the empty shell of a ruined building, in the centre of a strange new world, disconnected from her old life and physical body. Confused and isolated, Demi pushes herself physically and mentally to overcome the obstacles of her new reality. Your face-melting parkour is assisted by Demi’s rocket-powered exo-suit, letting you leap and run through the expansive worlds floating above a vast abyss. With each new challenge you overcome Demi learns more, allowing you to experience multiple endings: will Demi learn to understand and accept her new world, or question her reality and learn to defy it?

There’s also Ranked and Rush modes to play through and a whole host of challenges to complete that will have perfectionists going back for more and speedrunners vying for leaderboard spots. Double Eleven are even referring to Super Cloudbuilt as a ‘speedrunners dream game.’ There’s no firm release date just yet but it will be coming to PS4, as well as Xbox One and PC,  in summer 2017.

Check out the game on Double Eleven’s official site here. Give us your take on this fast-paced platformer in the comments. 


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