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Sci-fi Puzzler Observation Puts You in the Circuits of an AI

Classic sci-fi has plenty to say about a rogue AI, and many games have used it as a villain. In a twist, Observation makes you the AI in a space station where something has gone terribly wrong. As SAM, you will use the cameras at the station and the different tools connected to your system to assist Dr. Emma Fischer. After receiving unknown damage, the rest of the station crew is missing. There is also a message for SAM that reads “BRING HER”.

Observation is being cast as a thriller, not necessarily a horror game. The developer, No Code, previously worked on Stories Untold, the compilation, adventure horror game, and, if the trailer can be believed, we can expect some scares.

We will have to wait until 2019 to step into the silicon of SAM, but Observation has me intrigued. It’s a (probably) scary game set in space with a story told from a different perspective. I’ll post more when we know more.

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