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Sci-fi Puzzler Relicta Announced

Relicta was announced today with a two-minute trailer, and it evokes memories and comparisons with another well-known puzzle game of yore. Wrapped in a slick sci-fi story, it gives you a fancy set of gloves to manipulate the environment and talks about testing. That same story turns up the heat as your success on this derelict moon base will mean saving your daughter’s life and (I’m guessing) avoiding being attacked by the purple rock at the end of the trailer.

The puzzles will be physics-based, and it looks pretty fluid. My press release shows magnetism, polarity, and gravity will come into play to make it through. The puzzle areas shown are huge with some verticality, making the environment just as important as the science in reaching the solution. It’s impressive, and I’m glad the devs are confident enough to release such a lengthy, first trailer.

It’s not often we have a mature-rated puzzle game, and this one looks really good. At the risk of being an annoying over-hyper, it gave me Portal vibes. While watching the trailer, I couldn’t stop making the comparison, except for the swear words, potential death, and serious tone. Maybe future trailers will dispell that feeling entirely, but I’m looking forward to seeing them and seeing Relicta when it releases sometime this year.

Does it make you think of Portal, or am I crazy? Let me know in the comments.

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