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Score the Soundtrack with Every No Straight Roads Physical Pre-Order

I love a little extra included in a game’s pre-order to sweeten the deal, and No Straight Roads is giving fans a nice bonus. Announced on Twitter today, pre-ordering a physical version (only applies to physical pre-orders) of No Straight Roads will give you the game and a download code for the digital soundtrack. That’s 21 tracks from artists such as Az Samad, Falk Au Yeong, Funk Fiction, James Landino, Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki, and more. (Here’s a video taste of what will be on the soundtrack.) I’m not cool enough to recognize those names, but I’m interested in a soundtrack for a game focused on music.

As I mentioned, the story of No Straight Roads is musical. The rockin’ world of No Straight Roads is being taken over by an EDM group who wants electronic beats only. As they continue to oppress the residents of Vinyl City with their singular tastes, two brave musicians, Mayday and Zuke, will stand up to them to save the city and the music they love.

With an interesting and colorful visual style, No Straight Roads will launch on August 25th.

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