Season Pass Detailed for Ubisoft’s Steep

Season Pass Detailed for Ubisoft’s Steep

The beta for Steep, if you got in, starts tomorrow. In commemoration of the beta’s opening, Ubisoft has detailed the season pass for the game and it will contain three themed content packs. The first is the Winter Fest Pack. It will introduce the winter sled as a usable vehicle and offer new challenges and costumes. The Extreme Pack adds three completely new game modes that involve rocket wings, base jumping, and speed gliding. More new costumes will be added, too. The Adrenaline Pack will have three different night-time challenges, equipment packs that glow in the dark, and of course new costumes, outfits, boards, and wingsuits.

All of the aforementioned goodies will be released over the months after Steep’s release. For those who but the Gold Edition of Steep, the season pass and its contents will be free. Season pass holders will also gain access to other exclusive costumes, shortcuts to uncharted destinations, and 10,000 Steep credits at launch on December 2nd. No specific price point was announced but considering the Gold Edition is $89.99, we figure the season pass will cost around $30, though it’s worth mentioning that Ubisoft’s other big release this winter, Watch Dogs 2, will have a season pass priced at $40. So anything is possible…

Us lot here at Pure PlayStation actually have access to the beta, so be sure to look out for our write-up and gameplay videos soon. We’re confident we’ll be breaking the necks of our digital avatars over and over…

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