Second Free Content Update For The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division generated huge levels of hype all around the world but sadly a lot of people completed everything it had to offer rather quickly and thus were a little disappointed. However with Ubisoft releasing regular free content updates many of these complaints will hopefully be put to rest; it’s always nice to see a developer giving us extra free content as oppose to the overpriced DLC usually laid upon us.

This free content update features a brand new incursion named ‘Clear Sky’ set in the Columbus Circle area that will see you team up with other players to attempt the presumably difficult task of securing a supply route against copious amounts of enemies. On top of this when you complete all of the side missions and encounters in any given zone you will gain access to the new search and destroy missions. Furthermore once you finish these as well you will gain intel revealing the locations of some new enemy leaders dotted around the city. That about sums up the new activities and it is more than pleasing to be receiving this in a free content update.

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Some new features have also been added to the Dark Zone including the ability to steal someone else’s extraction by cutting the rope and picking up the fallen items, this does instantly give you rogue status however. Also named Dark Zone enemies may now drop ‘Sealed Caches’ basically a loot crate that can’t be opened until they have been extracted but will contain the likes of gear, tech and funds. Improvements have also been made to weekly rewards to keep you coming back for more.

Finally 4 new gear sets have also been added to the game and are listed below.

  • Final Measure- A set allowing you to defuse nearby grenades.
  • Hunter’s Faith- Improves your long range damage.
  • Lone Star- Adds to your ammo capacity and improves your dps.
  • Predator’s Mark- Labelled a support set that increases both range and damage.

Check out the official patch notes here for the complete list of gameplay tweaks and fixes.

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