Second Rutger Hauer Interview Released for Observer: System Redux

A second part of the Rutger Hauer interview has been released by Bloober Team as part of the promotion for Observer: System Redux. This time, Hauer is asked if technology will destroy us. Instead of tackling it with a straight yes or no, he says that, like filmmaking, it depends on the angle and how you look at it. He finishes up by saying, “It’s not a matter of with what we destroy ourselves. It’s about when.”

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He also talks about the scariest part of the ideas in Observer. It’s not just the claustrophobic tenement buildings and the risk of technology. For him, it’s about losing our meaningful connections to other people. A close second is losing all of our privacy by someone hacking into our minds, and he has some not safe for work language around that.

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The 2017 interview runs for almost four minutes, but it starts with him saying he had never played a video game before that. After meeting with Bloober Team, they “had too much fun already”, and he wanted to be involved in the project. Observer: System Redux adds three new missions and a lot of graphical improvements including 4K and HDR to the original game. It will be available with the PS5 on November 12th for $29.99/€29.99.

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