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Secrets of the Prey Announce Trailer

Prey Creative Director, Raphael Colantonio, continues to tease Arkane Studios’ latest endeavor. You can click here to see the last bit of news he teased about. Today it was all about some secrets in the original announce trailer. He first mentions that a coffee cup our main protagonist uses does something strange. It wobbles about to and fro suddenly in one of the takes. It’s then followed up by revealing enemies can shape shift and he brought up the example of one turning into a chair. Is Mr. Colantonio hinting that the cup is in fact an alien?

The species also have their own ecology after they broke containment in the space station and their powers can be learned. Another neat fact is the ability to explore outside the vessel in zero G and return to previous levels. Although the context of the area will change. You can view the whole scoop below and Prey can be pre-ordered here.

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