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See a Boss Beat Down in Persona 5

More tantalizing footage was released for Persona 5 today, and it shows a side mission from the game. If you are avoiding any and all spoilers, this is the point where you click back on the open tab of kitten videos.

Those lucky [curse words deleted] gamers at IGN spoke with a project manager from Atlus USA. He took them through a mission to stop a bully at school. After locating the bully in the subway, they drive what looks like a version of  the Mystery Machine into a portal to fight the evil representation of him and change his heart.

The fight shows some interesting things about the game. First, there is an intermittent train that runs in the background. It has no impact on the fight, but we are hoping for more animated backgrounds in the game. You also can clearly see status effects on your characters in an animation and on their still portrait on screen.

Persona 5 is being released in one week, and we are obviously looking forward to diving headfirst into a new experience. Even though our review will be coming later, the review embargo is over tomorrow, and we can finally see whether the game is worthy of boarding the ultra hype train.

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