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Seems Like No Man’s Sky’s Multiplayer Either Isn’t Working, or It Doesn’t Exist How You Expected It

Even more controversy over No Mans Sky… who would have guessed? Two Twitch gamers, TheSadCactus and Psytocat, have called into question the existence of online player interaction in No Man’s Sky.

While streaming on Twitch last night (Tuesday) TheSadCactus landed on a planet he soon realised had been recently discovered by another player, the aforementioned Psytocat. He sent the player a message encouraging him to a live meet-up, which would have been the first such meeting of two separate players. The only problem? When the two players reached the same location, they couldn’t see each other.

It seems the location was confirmed by both players; as seen in the image below posted by Reddit user Widukindl.

'No Man Home'
‘No Man Home’

Of course, this had led to toys being thrown out of gamer prams all over the internet since the incident was reported by Eurogamer. Many suggested that the marketing for No Mans Sky had deliberately misled them, while others jumped up in defense of the game by stating the players’ time difference (visible in the day/night cycle in the image above) as indicating they were in different ‘player pools’.

However, it turns out that a massive overreaction may not have been the most sensible course (shock!). Since the incident, Sean Murray has tweeted some new information to elaborate on the situation. He went on to suggest that the number of concurrent player logins since the game’s launch may have been one reason why multiplayer features are not currently enabled and has even gone so far as to suggest there is more to come:

“We want people to be aware they are in a shared universe. We added online features, and some Easter Eggs to create cool moments. We hope to see those happening… but too many of you are playing right now. More than we could have predicted.”

This continues the ‘will they, won’t they’ saga of online interaction in No Man’s Sky. The developer (Hello Games) has gone back and forth on its promotion of this aspect of the game. In October last year, Murray stated in an interview with Stephen Colbert: “You can’t see yourself, so the only way to know what you look like is for somebody else to see you.” and further indicated players could meet, though he added it would be unlikely due to the scale of the game.

But, as recently as yesterday, Murray downplayed this aspect on his own twitter feed: “To be super clear – No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don’t go in looking for that experience. The chances of two players ever crossing paths in a universe this large is pretty much zero.”

How do you think this affects No Man’s Sky? Does this make you less likely to buy or play it? Let us know in the comments below, Or post a random ASCii picture, up to you.

Or (radical thought incoming) since this is only a minuscule part of a highly rated adventure game, why not just read Pure PlayStation’s internet-breaking No Mans Sky review.

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