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Sega Announces Project JUDGE for 2019

The same studio that brings all those delightful Yakuza games our way has just announced a new game. From the two trailers released today, Project JUDGE will focus on an attorney who makes a huge mistake by freeing a guilty man. After that man commits another crime almost immediately (give it a few days at least), he realizes that he may be on the wrong side of justice.

He switches to finding, trailing, and collecting evidence on criminals. Together with his cooler haircut and clothes, he will make sure “the victims will be avenged”. It looks like he does this through investigation by infiltrating buildings and taking incriminating photos with his phone or a drone. If that doesn’t work, he can always give old fashioned smack downs on the street.

Check out the story and gameplay trailers. If you like Yakuza games, move this one up on your list, because it may be giving you a different flavor of what you already love.

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