September 2021 PS Now Games Include OG FF7, Windbound, and More

We’re spoiled for choice this month

Sony has unveiled a hefty lineup of games for PlayStation Now this month which will be added to the service this month.

First up is Final Fantasy 7, not the remake, the OG beloved Final Fantasy 7. What can I say about Final Fantasy 7 that hasn’t been said already, it’s literally one of the most important and influential games of all time. If you haven’t played Final Fantasy 7 then you scare me.

It’s well worth adding to your library whether you’re playing the game for the first time or if you fancy a replay and want to catch up with Cloud and AVALANCHE before the inevitable sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Watch this space as Final Fantasy 7 is the first of five Final Fantasy titles joining PS Now over the coming months.

Moonlighter is also part of the lineup, an action RPG with roguelike elements that focuses on Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero. I relate to this too much it’s a bit sad. Pathfinder: Kingmaker -Definitive edition also has plenty of RPG goodness to offer and should tickle the tastebuds for anyone into DnD and tabletop RPGs. There’s a whole world for you and your party to explore or conquer with thousands of abilities, skills and feats to unlock along the way.

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A mystical island is available to explore in Windbound where you will have to learn to adapt survive and navigate while travelling the world on your own custom boat, or you can take on waves of zombies alone or with friends in Killing Floor 2.

Fans of fighting games also have a lot to look forward to as Tekken 7 is coming to PlayStation Now. Tekken 7 offers innovative fight mechanics with an epic story that serves as the conclusion to the Mishima Clan saga. You’ll have to be quick if you want to pick this one up though as Tekken 7 is only available on PlayStation Now until February 22nd 2022.

Source: PlayStation Blog.

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