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September PSN Downloads Are Dominated By Spidey

Do you wonder what your fellow PlayStation lovers were playing last month? September’s most downloaded games were revealed on the PlayStation Blog today, and the results are not very surprising. Marvel’s Spider-Man was the number one game for the PS4, and based on Chris’ review, it’s not hard to see why. To round out the top five, we have NBA 2K19, FIFA 19, Battlefield 1 (great sale and free DLC will do that), and the Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection.

The spots for PS4’s 5-10 have two sports games and two classics as well. NHL 19 and Madden 19 take the sixth and seventh spots. The unstoppable (at least until Red Dead Redemption 2 releases) GTA V takes number eight. The excellent (but maybe underappreciated) Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes the ninth slot, and The Last of Us Remastered rounds out the list at number ten.

The PSVR also had a game we like at #1. Firewall Zero Hour (review) was top of the heap, and, based on Jeremy’s categorization of the great community, it may stay at the top. Superhot VR moved to number two, but only when you move, of course. Creed: Rise to Glory, Job Simulator, and Rick and Morty: Virtual-Rickality occupy spots three through five respectively.

For Free-to-Play games, Fortnite Battle Royale ruled the roost at number one. Sony’s changing attitudes on cross-play may keep it there.

You can check out all the top ten lists on the PlayStation Blog, including PS Vita games, PS Classics, and PS4 Themes (yes, really).

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