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September’s PS Plus Games Are Street Fighter V and PUBG

It’s the time of the month where we look at the PS Plus announcements and wonder if our money is well spent. Are you ready?

On September 1st, we’ll receive Street Fighter V and PUBG. Street Fighter V brings the classic franchise into a higher definition age, but it’s not just a graphical upgrade. The game allows crossplay between PC and PS4 players. According to the trailer embedded on the PlayStation Blog, you can also earn all the DLC characters by playing the game. Depending on how it’s been implemented, that could be nice.

One of the big reasons Street Fighter V probably found its way into next month’s offerings is because Sony is starting tournaments featuring the game. More people will now be able to enter and earn prizes, a custom theme, and an in-game title.

The second game available next month is PUBG. The online multiplayer battle will allow players to compete for glory and the coveted chicken dinner. Whether alone or with a squad, you’ll have a target on your back.

If you want outside input on how to feel, some commenters are a little annoyed that both games are currently available on PS Now, a service they already pay to play. Others offer up a “meh” to describe the depth of their emotions. A smaller group is pretty excited to take on both games next month.

What do you think, and where do you stand on the September PS Plus question?

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