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September’s PS Plus Selections Are Action-Packed

No matter how you slice it, September is bringing some big titles to PS Plus. Batman: Arkham Knight pits the caped crusader against some of Gotham’s worst villains. Along with the usual wonderful toys, you’ll be gliding across the city and driving the Batmobile. It’s an older AAA game, but it’s a solid experience. If you haven’t played it for some reason, you can finally see why so many people liked it.

Darksiders III rounds out the pair of games coming next month. The horsewoman of the apocalypse, Fury, will track down and kill the Seven Deadly Sins on what’s left of the wasteland we call our former planet. I’m looking forward to checking this one out, and you can see what our own Stuart thought of Darksiders III in his review.

I love the excitement and mystery of each new PS Plus reveal, which can sometimes be followed by a lot of disappointment. For me, September is looking like a good month as far as the quality and level of the games go. Do you agree, is it a bad month, or are you just disinterested in the games? Sound off in the comments.

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