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Serious Sam 4 Will Come to PlayStation After Stadia Exclusivity Expires

If you were one of the people hoping to hear that Serious Sam 4 was coming to the PS4 (or dare we hope, the PS5), today’s trailer was bittersweet. It’s hard not to be excited about a new Serious Sam game. Seriously. It’s also strange that the developers at Croteam wouldn’t want their new baby to have a home on one of the biggest gaming platforms.

An article on Kotaku has the answer for people who were wondering. The game is coming to Steam and Stadia in August of this year, and Stadia has an exclusivity deal that won’t expire until sometime in 2021. Devolver Digital, the game’s publisher, did confirm we would see it on the PS4 next year, so it’s not a terribly long time to wait.

If nothing else, I’m excited to know we’ll be playing it eventually. It’s also comforting to hear companies talk about continuing to supporting the PS4 into 2021 in case I can’t find or afford a new PS5.

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