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The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Coming to PS4 Next Year

Earlier this year, Bandai Namco announced a game in The Seven Deadly Sins anime universe, and we finally have a release date. On February 9th, you can fight alongside King, Ban, Hawk, Meliodias, the normal sized (maybe small size, depending on your perspective) Diane, and the rest of the gang.

Pre-ordering will net you some formal wear for your characters. They are normally fighting or casually drinking, so we are not sure when they have time for a formal occasion. Also, will Ban’s formal wear be bright red leather/vinyl and open at the chest to match his normal clothes?

A pre-order will also give you access to Escanor as a playable character. He is known as the Lion’s Sin of Pride. In a Superman IV situation, he wields the power of Sunshine. When the sun is out, he is very powerful. As the sun goes down, he becomes less powerful. No word on whether you can trap him in an elevator car on the moon.

Escanor is one of the new characters in the upcoming season of The Seven Deadly Sins starting in 2018. Along with the game, players will receive the anime as free content in the Spring. That’s a nice bit of free DLC, and fans should be pretty happy.

Check out the announcement trailer for a peak at the gameplay, and prepare yourself to face other holy knights when the game launches on February 9th. If you never saw the show, just remember that Hawk is the bravest of the porcine warriors.

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