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Shadow Complex Remastered for PS4 Release Date and Trailer – May PS Plus Game?

The critically acclaimed 2.5D side-scroller Shadow Complex has been announced for the PS4 over on the PlayStation Blog. Shadow Complex Remastered now has a release date of May 3rd and there’s even a cheeky trailer down below to get stuck into.

Shadow Complex released to critical acclaim from players and critics alike and a remaster has been on the cards for a while now, so we’re guessing there will be more than a few smiling faces reading this article.

Curiously, there’s no price attached to the game just yet but it’s release falls on May 3rd – the day when PlayStation Plus subscribers get their new batch of free games as part of the monthly PS Plus offering. Perhaps Shadow Complex Remastered will be dished out as a freebie in May’s update? It’s entirely plausible; games rarely get announced just two weeks before going on sale, so we’re inclined to think Shadow Complex Remastered will be one of your PS4 PS Plus games for May. If we’re wrong, the author of this post will kick himself in the head.

Looking forward to diving back into Shadow Complex? Would you be happy to see this one go free on PS Plus? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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