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Shadow Legend VR Gameplay Trailer Released, Aiming for May 2019 PSVR Release Date

There’s a new PSVR RPG on the horizon and it looks like its going after Skyrim VR’s dinner. Indie developer VitruviusVR is gearing up to release Shadow Legend VR for PC next month, with a PSVR release to follow not long afterwards.

The game is built from the ground up for VR platforms, so everything has been designed with the strengths – and weaknesses – of VR in mind. You play as a Grand Master of the Knights Templar and it’s your job to save your home kingdom of Anaria. Because when the Templars weren’t running around being evil arses to the Assassin’s, they were lovely folk just minding their own business and having their own adventures.

The developer has released a brand new video today showing some new gameplay from the game itself. There’s not much action but there’s a lot on show. I imagine that the purpose of the trailer is to show off just how much there is to do inside the game. If that was the intention, then the developers have hit the nail on the head.

According to the developers, the studio is aiming to get Shadow Legend VR released on PSVR in May 2019. In the meantime, the game will be released on PC virtual reality platforms in February 2019, though a release date has yet to be decided.


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