Shadow Legend VR Graces Us With Release Date Trailer and Fantastical Screenshots

Shadow Legend VR released very early in 2019, but for the Rift and Vive. Since then we’ve been promised a PSVR port within a year. Gamers who’ve already got their hands on Shadow Legend VR make it hard to wait for such a title. I’ve heard things like the experience did everything right where Skyrim VR did wrong or it’s one of the best sword fighting and adventuring games. Luckily, we’ll be able to find out for ourselves come a month and a half’s time. Shadow Legend VR is slated for a January 21st, 2020 release date for the PSVR and you can view the trailer up above.

Lead Developer, Blake Stone, also promises more content and polished improvements from Shadow Legend VR’s initial release.

“Since our launch on PC we’ve added two brand new levels to the game (“The Castle Dungeons” and “The Floating Citadel”) and have polished many of the mechanics, combat, and boss fights. Our biggest complaint on PC was about the length of the game and we’ve spent the last 8 months adding content so the game feels very complete now. (And is the main reason why the game has been delayed on PlayStation for so long.) Overall there’s approx. 7 hours of gameplay and we’re keeping the price on PSVR the same as PC at $24.99. We’ve also spent time adding more trophies (including a Platinum Trophy) and I think this will really add to the replayability of the game.”

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Shadow Legend VR puts you in the shoes of a Grand Master Templar in the world of Anaria. Gods are at war in this fantasy realm and one of them wants to bring darkness and stillness into the world. It’s up to the player to wield swords, bows, and magic weapons across an open world full of enemies and bosses. There’s also time to enjoy the little things like feeding your horse, cooking steaks in a campfire, and even smelting and smithing.

Additionally, check out some released screenshots below as well.

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