Shadow Warrior 2 Gets PC Release Date, But Console Gamers Must Wait For Wang

‘Wang and the boys’

Just can’t wait to get hands-on with Wang? Well good news! (If you own a PC) Flying Wild Hog’s sequel to the 2013 reboot of the risqué first person shooter, Shadow Warrior, is releasing on October 13th through steam. Console gamers have a little longer to wait however, with ‘early 2017’ being all the studio have said about the PS4/X0 release. For more Wang related info, read on below;

The journalistic penis puns are out in full force today as developer Flying Wild Hog have announced a PC release date for their upcoming multi-platform FPS; Shadow Warrior 2. The announcement came along with the gloriously gory trailer, which you can check out above, and some beautifully blood-spattered screens which we’ve collected for you below.

The series is famous for its blend of over the top shooting and merciless katana-based melee action, as well as some… questionable… humor and the developers have certainly given the impression that this installment will be no different. (Keep watching to the end of the trailer for, possibly, the best selfie ever!)

The game will once again allow players to take control of the pun-friendly protagonist Lo Wang as he attempts to rid the world of demons spawned from a corruption that he unwittingly created. Allowing users to wield guns, swords and magic to take down their hell-spawned foes, this new installment in the series also adds loot drops and treasures such as collectible armor sets and ‘powerful relics.’ In addition, the game will support a brand new four player co-op option.

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'Wang and the boys'
‘Wang and the boys’

Flying Wild Hog promises that Shadow Warrior 2 will be ‘bigger in every way’ than it’s predecessor; offering open environments with plenty of verticality for players to explore. If the trailer can be believed, the environments are certainly eye-catching, and the procedurally generated loot system promises to add more replay value to the game.

In a refreshing show of core audience support, anyone who purchased either the 2013 Shadow Warrior reboot or Flying Wild Hog’s other game, Hard Reset Redux, will receive a 10% discount on pre-orders of the sequel. The pre-order also nets players a ‘katana chainsaw’ (in-game only, unfortunately.) Hands up who doesn’t want a katana chainsaw? …There, now you have no hands, don’t you feel foolish?

With a release date as yet unknown, console pre-orders are not yet available for Shadow Warrior 2, but you can get your hands on the 2013 remake of the original for PS4 here. Stick with Pure PlayStation for all the latest information as it becomes available! Can’t get enough of Wang? Fill our comments section with your own off colour puns, or point out how terrible ours are, below.

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